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Please click 'All' in my gallery! c: And thanks for visiting!

Other Places to Find My Art.

Art Tumblr.
(WIPs/sketches that won't be put here.)


(new) Nabyn


Fur Affinity.

Status: So much is happening

:bulletyellow: I'm online a lot, but I only have a few precious hours of free time a day so I'm not sure how active I will be! Please be patient with me.

I am actively replying to things, but it may take me a while to get through everything.

Gettin Through Life Like



Commish- Stars and Stripes Minikin by Aminirus

Stress Box

Limiting 1-3 roleplays per group.

Nayl – Lv. 7
Lidner – Lv. 9
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Finish sketches
General art
Lidner Comic - sketching
Lidner eye animation
Lidner lv. 8 app

Desme - All-Seer


Sleetstar – LostClan
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-Maplethorn app (sketching)
-Dappledstream app (sketching)
-Mockingthroat app (sketching)

Klaus – Clipper
To do:
-Tick and Klaus

Group currently closed.
Ermolei – Di Trieste
-Basilisk w/ a bow




Updated: August 2nd.

Art Status and To-Do List.


Currently Working On:

Kiriban Prizes: 1/1
25% Complete by SimplySilent Elephantfreak

Contest Entries/Prizes: 1/2
0% Complete by SimplySilent Dancing-Kitten

Art Trades: 7/1
0% Complete by SimplySilent Doctor-Axel
25% Complete by SimplySilent Doctor-Axel
25% Complete by SimplySilent Marlimoo
25% Complete by SimplySilent Dragon-of-Twilight
0% Complete by SimplySilent CooroJaden
50% Complete by SimplySilent FluffyMonstrosity
75% Complete by SimplySilent Doctor-Axel

Commissions: 9/∞
25% Complete by SimplySilent Doctor-Axel Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart
25% Complete by SimplySilent Kaya Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart
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Last updated: July 25th.

Class Nearly Done + Future Plans.

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 31, 2015, 12:25 PM

Okayyy. Two weeks of class left and my final project has been assigned. The prompt is that I have to come up with a 3 page (minimum) comic. Little does the teacher know that I started thumbnailing weeks ago and am already on page 5...he doesn't want us to do more than 10 pages (due to time constraints and because we're having them put into a book and it might not all fit), but I can guarantee nothing. Hopefully it doesn't wind up longer than that (as that is my page goal), so I may have to move some panels around or squeeze more on other pages. However, this also means that all the penciling for my pages is due next Thursday and I work 7-9 hours a day with no breaks before heading straight to class... OTL soooo that'll mean I won't be sleeping at all. Yay. I'm hoping he'll let me do it digitally though, as I want it to look good for my final and I am obviously out of practice traditionally (I still suck at inking, but that isn't a surprise). Fortunately I only have to color it if I want to, which I might do some grayscale, but might not because of the time it would take. Ugh.

My final is due the 13th, but my class itself ends the 14th...And from then on I work full-time til the 21st, which is my last day at work;; I'm excited to move, but it's a part in making me really anxious lately, even though I've moved countless times before and am no stranger to it. I guess because I'm completely responsible for it now and have to deal with making sure everything is taken care of. I'm also preparing to change my lifestyle health-wise and will be going full vegan (I'm vegetarian now) along with establishing a work out schedule. I'm giving myself 6 months to achieve my goal weight (or replace fat with muscle, either works for me ouo/), which is reasonable. I've done the math to make sure it would be a safe amount to lose per week and it totally is, so I'm glad. I've already found a good route to walk/jog each day that's right next to our house in California, which is nice because otherwise I'd have to drive like 40 minutes to find somewhere else... And to stick to my schedule, by the time I reach my target goal, I will be getting a Corgi puppy, which will, obviously, need daily walks and exercise.

My current issue I'm having, besides figuring out everything here, is deciding and finding an appropriate work schedule. I've done some preliminary job searches and have found quite a few I'm qualified for. But since I'm moving primarily to reduce my stress, working full-time while I'm also going to school full-time (albeit online), is in no way going to help that...I want to work in an office setting again, but it doesn't seem like a lot of them are part-time...I guess at the very least, there's a little general store close to home that I could have a job at guaranteed. They know my mom and grandma and would probably be okay with me working part-time. I guess I'll have to see when I get there. I want to take a break once I move, but I also feel like I shouldn't because there is so much I want to get done. I don't know, it's hard, my anxiety keeps pushing me, even though I'm exhausted every day. Tbh I don't know how I manage these 11-12 hour days at work and school haha and I guess maybe I'm not because I am not feeling well.

But apologies again for my low activity here. I would post more school work, but it's on 11x17" bristol board and my scanner at home is too small. The ones I did manage to upload were scanned at work on our big Xerox printer, but the quality is awful and a lot didn't turn out ;c but my teacher has scanned in all our work, so at the end of the class I should be able to get the files from him. I hope I make significant progress this weekend on homework, but I feel like this next week is going to be filled to the brim with work either way sighh I don't know why I ramble at you all

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

I suffer from anxiety and depression and sometimes I draw. I get stressed out ridiculously easily. I'm a full-time university student and part-time graphics assistant.

I love Corgis, fat birds, meerkats, chinchillas, salt and vinegar chips, orange juice, video games, and a lot of other things.

Racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, or any other type of discrimination is not welcome here.

You can call me whatever you'd like.

Asexual | Aromantic | Agender | POC | Leo | INTJ |
Agnostic-Atheist | Vegetarian

Her/She or They/Them pronouns, please.


Dancing Corgi by skinnyveestampPagan Min stamp by dinosaurriNBC's Hannibal Stamp by Floyd46Absol Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps
Raiden stamp by WhiteDevil350Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-RoseFat Birds Stamp by Doctor-Axel.:: Animal Rights Stamp ::. by loneantarcticwolf
LGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-RoseCorgi Love Stamp by cloudrat

My fuzzy bbys
Winston the Chinchilla Stamp by Doctor-AxelDrogo Stamp by Doctor-AxelMaxie Stamp by Doctor-Axel
Carlos Stamp by Doctor-AxelCecil Stamp by Doctor-AxelKevin Stamp by Doctor-AxelPagan Min Stamp by Doctor-Axel

I did my best for you. Rest in peace.
Dana Stamp by Doctor-AxelPika by Doctor-Axel

I have to work on comic pages all day tomorrow, so I may stream if my internet lets me. 

No deviants said This is just a heads up! c:
No deviants said If I have time/get bored, I may work on Lidner's new app and/or a new character!
No deviants said I'll be putting up a journal notifying everyone when it happens!

Not Even Sorry.

Art For Me.

This is just a list to remind me who I've commissioned/requested/traded with, etc...

Doctor-Axel -- Trade (Abbeau)
Doctor-Axel -- Sketch Commissions (2/12)
foxdog2 -- Sketch Request (Nayl)
ibumblebeat -- Icon Point Commission (Kelian)
petrifiedPossum -- Commission (Ermolei)
Vrisky -- Commissions (Lidner)



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